The Chai Popularity Boom

In a lot of countries, chai is the word they use to refer to tea. Chai has certainly been around for many centuries and has always been the drink of choice in some countries. To some people, chai is a part of culture, tradition and celebration.

In India, chai is a tea drink mixed with milk that has gained a good following in other parts of the world. There are four major ingredients in making chai tea drink. These are: a strong freshly brewed black tea, buffalo’s milk, a spice mix and a strong sweetener.

The spice mixture usually differentiates from one house to another and from one city to another. However the basic combination of cardamom pods and ginger are ground with the addition of other spices like cinnamon, cloves and black peppercorns. Other spices can be added to the ginger and cardamom combination for a unique tea blend. This drink gives off a relaxing and healing effect on the drinker. It helps people digest their food easier and provides a holistic feeling. The thing with chai tea is that sometimes it can be addicting.

Indians prepare chai tea as a way of life. However today, this Indian drink is experiencing a popularity boom in other countries and has caused quite a stir. Tourists who go to India and have experienced drinking authentic chai tea have only good things to say about this robust and wonderful drink.

In recent years, the popularity of chai tea drinks have grown by leaps and bounds. There is more interest in chai drinks compared to any other tea drink the last couple of years. Because of this popularity, a lot of over the counter drink shops have come up with their own special recipes for this drink. Some of them are even selling pre-mixed spiced mix for chai tea. Some experts on tea have said that the next big thing in beverages is the chai tea from India. In fact some of them even expect it to become as popular as Taiwan’s boba tea and Italy’s caffe cappuccino.

The best chai drinks are found in Indian restaurants and are served alongside savory dishes. However there is nothing more satisfying to the chai lover at heart than to make his or her own concoction in the comfort of his home.

Although new recipes have become popular, most of the purists still go back to the traditional chai recipes of old.


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