Fun with Coffee K-Cups

Coffee is usually associated with early mornings and as a way to finish a delicious meal. We cannot deny that a large number of people are coffee-drinkers. The abundance of coffee shops can attest to that. People order coffee all the time and the same set of people always bring the goodness of coffee to their own home because you will never know when you would want a cup. There is a wide variety of coffee available in the market today. There are coffee grounds that you can brew using a coffee machine or french press. Some prefer coffee beans and grind them using a machine. Others go for instant coffee that can be bought in individual packets. And then there are coffee k-cups that are brewed using a single-serve coffee machine.

A coffee k-cup cannot be brewed without using the machine made for it. It is because single-serve coffee grounds are placed inside small cups and are sealed to maintain freshness. These cups are sold in packages. Many prefer coffee k-cups in their homes because of its convenience. You simply place a cup inside the coffee machine slot, press the button, and wait for the coffee to drip into your cup. This is especially great for people who feel it is a waste to brew a pot of coffee. What’s fun about coffee k-cups is the actual selection of what kind to get. Many coffee manufacturers produce these cups and it’s up to you to select from a wide variety of choices.

Gone are the days when coffee is solely synonymous to the strong, black kind. Customizing the type of coffee that you will drink is very common. In the case of coffee k-cups, you can start from the size of the cups. Ou can then decide on the strength of caffeine – would you like a regular or a decaf? Do you want the roast to be dark, light, or medium? Some even have number codes that would indicate the strength of coffee. The list of flavors is also extensive, with each coffee manufacturer presenting their own signature blends that go beyond mocha, and hazelnut.

It’s fun to sample these different kinds that’s why coffee lovers welcomed the addition of coffee k-cups into their homes. It basically changed how people drink coffee and a lot are happy that a cup of their favorite drink can be within their reach that easily.

What Do You Get From Buying Wholesale Coffee?

The most obvious thing is that getting your coffee in wholesale saves you a lot of money than buying in small amounts from your grocer or coffee store. But aside from this, people gain more benefits from buying wholesale coffee than just low priced beans.

Price is the most important benefit that one gets in buying wholesale coffee. The reason for the lower prices per lb is that there is no middleman involved whom the suppliers have to pay. This allows the consumer of savings of up to almost the cost of the original price of the beans. This definitely saves one a lot of money especially if that person is in the coffee house business. It also allows for larger profit margins.

Variety is another thing that one can get from buying from wholesale coffee seller. A lot of coffee houses only specialize in selling and using a few varieties of coffee beans. On the other end, wholesalers often provide a wider range of beans to choose from. Some even have over a hundred types of beans in stock. The nice thing about is that these are all readily available for their customers. Some of them even have the rarest kinds of coffee beans in their inventory which makes their buyers more flexible in the coffee beverages that they offer.

Additionally, buyers are always guaranteed with high quality coffee beans by their trusted wholesalers. This means that the beans that one gets are the best of the best and the packs are dated with the production and expiration dates on it so the buyer knows when to use it best. This guarantees the buyer that he will only produce the best cups of coffee for him and his customers.

Another thing that buyers are assured of when buying wholesale coffee beans is the freshness of the product. Wholesale coffee sellers have high quality standards regarding the time element the beans stay with them. They do not offer stocks of packed coffee beans that have been sitting in their storage facilities for quite some time. The only thing that these wholesalers care about is providing their customers the best beans they can.

Delivery is certainly of the essence for their customers. This is something that they put a lot of importance in. Most of whole sale coffee sellers have a following day delivery policy to make sure that their customers can stock up right away for their operations.


Becoming a Wholesale Coffee Roaster

The first thing that someone has to do to become a successful wholesale coffee roaster is to learn the right way to deal with customers and learn the operational aspects of the business. This requires the owner of the wholesale coffee business to get involved in the operations of the business. Quality control is something that has to be implemented in this step. Knowing what goes on during the picking of the coffee bean till it is sold to the customer is something one has to know. Dealing with customers is also as important.

Second is that you will to change attitude by planning for this business. Learning how to plan your wholesale coffee business is the main thing here. Being a wholesale coffee roaster is not an easy thing. Part of your planning should include sourcing out the best and most honest coffee farmers out there. They will give you top quality coffee beans and the rest is up to you.

The next thing that you will have to do is to construct your wholesale coffee mill and storage facility. Once you have set your plans down, you will a need base for your operations. You can do this by studying what other mills have in their facilities and implement the things that you think will benefit your business. You will to invest your money wisely on equipment and storage facilities. This is the part where you might have to draw loans from banks to give you the financial capability to spend on your coffee business. Some of the things that you will have to purchase initially are coffee pulpers, washing bins, the roaster, drying mechanisms and of course the storage devices like shelves, chillers and what not.

The next thing you will have to learn is the actual roasting process of the coffee beans. Now, obviously this will be the heart and soul of your business , so it is important that you spend a lot of attention in this aspect. It is a difficult aspect but it can be learned through practice and training. Knowing the types of roasting machines and at what temperature is coffee best roasted are integral parts of this aspect. The same goes with how to measure the moisture in green coffee. It is both an art and a science.

The last aspect is promoting your varieties of different roasted coffee beans in wholesale. Promotion always starts with the people closest to you like family and friends.

The European and Chinese Markets for Wholesale Coffee

The production of coffee would seem like a highly exhausting job for every wholesale coffee supplier out there. But there is proof from studies that actually show that a shift to wholesale coffee business may actually be a lucrative and wise decision for a coffee house owner. Especially if that business is set up in Europe and China.

Europe is not known for growing and harvesting coffee beans. But it is known as the top continent in terms of coffee consumption. Among the top ten coffee drinking countries in the world, eight are found in Europe, specifically in the Eurozone.

Here is where the business of wholesale coffee comes in. Coffee lovers in Europe grow pickier everyday, therefore putting a high demand on the best coffee beans around the world. Coffee houses must now be able to provide new blends to face and stay ahead of the competition. This is where they will be needing a local wholesale coffee supplier.

But the growth of coffee drinkers is not only happening in Europe. On the other side of the world, another giant market is rising, the Chinese coffee community. Chinese coffee drinkers are now looking into artisanal coffee that requires special types of coffee beans blended together. They no longer limit themselves to Arabica based brewed coffee and Robusta based instant coffee drinks. Shanghai City is at the forefront of this surge in coffee drinking. This has started the birth of specialty coffee bean roasting and therefore has required some of the coffee house owners to go into the wholesale coffee business in the very near future.

Wholesale coffee suppliers can do this by visiting cooperatives in their search for the best variants of coffee beans both rare and common. It is important that those who are interested in going into this type of lucrative business must establish a good professional relationship with their sources. This relationship will certainly result into a more prosperous partnership. Taking care of their sources would certainly produce good business for them because they are assured that they will not run out of supplies to sell. This will allow them the flexibility to expand their wholesale coffee business to other coffee houses and other merchants.

There are more opportunities for these coffee house owners once they decide to go into the business of wholesale coffee. Brand management will be easier as well as its familiarization because they can now reach a wider market with their wholesale coffee business.


Why Wholesale Coffee Business is Good Business

The truth is that in today’s world, the coffee business is witnessing another aspect of opportunity where coffee house owners can earn a lot more revenues for their respective companies. This aspect of the business is called wholesale coffee selling. Some of the coffee house owners may only consider this as an add-on to their revenues but there are some that take this aspect seriously that they actually make it their main form of business.

Whatever the case is, it is definitely a wise move for these business owners because the business of coffee will always be one of the most lucrative businesses all over the world. More and more people are drinking coffee every single day that passes and today wholesale coffee has become a billion dollar worldwide phenomenon.

Another thing is that before there were only two types of coffee beans being grown, Arabica and Robusta. For those wholesalers who really know what good coffee is all about they definitely would know how to treat their Arabica and Robusta beans.

Today, a number of other types of beans have come forth namely liberica, Bengal, congensis, Congo, stenophylla, excelsia, Liberian, Sierra Leonian, Bonnieri, Gallienii and Mogeneti. With all the options available to wholesale coffee suppliers, competition is at an all time high. The same can be said about the demand from wholesale customers. All these varieties have contributed to the emergence of the wholesale coffee aspect in the industry.

Now, the question is what is in it for those who want to go into the wholesale coffee business? Knowing that the current prices of coffee products are at an all time high surely is one indication that the coffee industry is a prosperous business to get into. From the source to the consumer, the margin of profit becomes more than triple that its original price. And this is the main reason why the coffee houses that once only served the end product are now looking into selling their coffee on wholesale.

But before a coffee house owner can get into the wholesale coffee business, they must have a clear knowledge of how the agricultural aspect of the business works. This includes the all important stage of roasting the coffee beans. Another important thing that they must learn is where to source out the very best coffee beans all over the planet. Then there is the business study and the purchasing of the best equipment for roasting coffee beans.

The Chai Popularity Boom

In a lot of countries, chai is the word they use to refer to tea. Chai has certainly been around for many centuries and has always been the drink of choice in some countries. To some people, chai is a part of culture, tradition and celebration.

In India, chai is a tea drink mixed with milk that has gained a good following in other parts of the world. There are four major ingredients in making chai tea drink. These are: a strong freshly brewed black tea, buffalo’s milk, a spice mix and a strong sweetener.

The spice mixture usually differentiates from one house to another and from one city to another. However the basic combination of cardamom pods and ginger are ground with the addition of other spices like cinnamon, cloves and black peppercorns. Other spices can be added to the ginger and cardamom combination for a unique tea blend. This drink gives off a relaxing and healing effect on the drinker. It helps people digest their food easier and provides a holistic feeling. The thing with chai tea is that sometimes it can be addicting.

Indians prepare chai tea as a way of life. However today, this Indian drink is experiencing a popularity boom in other countries and has caused quite a stir. Tourists who go to India and have experienced drinking authentic chai tea have only good things to say about this robust and wonderful drink.

In recent years, the popularity of chai tea drinks have grown by leaps and bounds. There is more interest in chai drinks compared to any other tea drink the last couple of years. Because of this popularity, a lot of over the counter drink shops have come up with their own special recipes for this drink. Some of them are even selling pre-mixed spiced mix for chai tea. Some experts on tea have said that the next big thing in beverages is the chai tea from India. In fact some of them even expect it to become as popular as Taiwan’s boba tea and Italy’s caffe cappuccino.

The best chai drinks are found in Indian restaurants and are served alongside savory dishes. However there is nothing more satisfying to the chai lover at heart than to make his or her own concoction in the comfort of his home.

Although new recipes have become popular, most of the purists still go back to the traditional chai recipes of old.


Chai K-Cups for Your Every Day Tea Needs

There’s nothing more comforting than knowing that a warm cup of coffee or tea within reach whenever you feel like you need one. Maybe it is its warmth but a cup of your favorite drink really goes a long way, especially if you’re the type who is constantly stuck in the everyday busy schedules of work. It somehow signifies taking a much-needed break. Not all are coffee drinkers though. Some would rather enjoy a cup of hot tea to help them get by.

There are so many kinds of tea available today. But one variant that stands out for me is the Chai tea. It is a rich black tea concocted using milk, some sweetener, and various spices. This type of tea originated from India and there are several versions of it from different parts of India, depending on the kind of spices they include in the recipe. The most common spices used are cinnamon, pepper, ginger, cardamom, and cloves. Many prefer this kind of tea because of its fragrance and creamy taste. It’s very soothing, too! Chai tea increasingly became popular over the years and the demand for it rose in many countries across the world.

That is why it is a good thing that Chai tea can easily be bought from local stores and groceries. Enjoying it in the privacy of your home is not a problem. It’s also great that when single-serve coffee machines made their way to a lot of homes and office pantries, Chai tea manufacturers followed suit and created Chai tea k-cups. These are the little cups that are sold in box packages that conveniently serve one per k-cup. Now, making a cup of Chai tea is even made easier since you only need to place one k-cup inside the machine’s cup slot and push a button. Isn’t that sweet?

The single-serve coffee machine is a great choice for offices, in particular, because people in the office do not like the same kind of coffee and tea. The coffee and tea k-cups quickly solved this problem because the machine dispenses single servings, making everyone happy with their preferred drinks. As for me, I stopped complaining about being forced to drink from a single pot of coffee that everybody needs to share. I just need to keep my Chai tea k-cups secured and ready to be brewed anytime I want. Now, that’s happiness in a cup.

-Mike (Chai enthusiast)

The Reason Why I Prefer Fair Trade Chai

It was only recent when I started to develop an interest in tea. I used to always drink the Earl Grey variant and it is only now that I am exploring the different kinds of tea available now. The list is extensive! It is fun to sample the different kinds and learn more about the flavors. The basic tea types are black, white, green, oolong, and Pu’erh. I have been reading about it as well and it’s interesting to know about its origin. One particular kind that I love is the Chai tea. It is a creamy, spiced concoction made up of black tea and milk. Several spices are used but the most popular and widely used ones are cinnamon, ginger, pepper, cardamom, and cloves. Traditionally, Chai tea is an after-meal drink because it aids in digestion due to the medicinal properties of the spices. It is truly a soothing drink!

Chai tea has been around for centuries and its popularity reached the Western shores over the years. And since it is my favorite drink now, I made an effort to know more about it. I found out that you have the option to buy organic Chai tea instead of the regular ones. Much like how organic food stuff works, organic tea is definitely a healthier choice. In a world where almost everything is made by hugh technology and chemicals, it is nice to know that there are manufacturers that continue to offer us products that safe for consumption.

What’s even better is the fair trade Chai kind. Now, this is not a kind tea. It actually speaks of a Fair Trade Movement that pushes for fair pricing among producers of various goods around the world. Its focus is on the developing countries that export coffee, tea, cocoa, and sugar among others. It doesn’t only touch on fair pricing but also the sustainability of the producers and environmental conditions. When you purchase fair trade Chai, you are also guaranteed that the manufacturers of the product followed the rules in not using child labor, in upholding a safe working location, and conservation of the environment. It actually promotes ethical purchasing and I am proud to say that I support these products.

If you are on the lookout for some fair trade Chai, just check the product label if it is certified or not. It’s nice to know that you get to enjoy a good cup of Chai tea and at the same time, support a worthy cause.

-Mike (Chai enthusiast)

What is Masala Chai

Chai is a tea drink that has a number of spices in it. It is basically consumed in India. There are five basic components in making the best Chai tea.

The first component is the tea base. Black tea, usually Assam acts as the base of this popular tea drink because it is strong enough to hold up to the milk and the sweetener. However, there is one specific kind of Assam tea that best suits this drink. This is called ‘mamri’. ‘Mamri’ are tea leaves that cured for a time that eventually breaks into tiny particles.

The next important component is the spices. The spices is what makes masala chai a distinct drink from any other tea beverage. The spices are combined to make a mixture which is called ‘Karha’. This mixture has a ginger and pods of cardamom as its basic ingredients. From here, other spices can be added to achieve more flavor. The most common spices added to this are cloves, nutmeg, peppercorn, fennel seeds, star anise and cinnamon. Western countries usually take out some spices and add their own.

The next important component is the milk. Buffalo milk is the most common milk used in India. However, in countries where buffalo milk is rare, cow’s milk is substituted. However, there are some people who also like to use condensed milk which adds creaminess and sweetness to the tea drink. However, Chai tea can also be consumed without any kind of milk. For this water is substituted in the same proportion.

The next important component is the sweetener. For this, there is a wide choice of sweetener that can be used to sweeten the chai tea drink. The most popular being white sugar and brown sugar. Palm sugar, Muscovado sugar and coco sugar are also popular choices. Then there are those who prefer honey as a natural sweetener. For those who like it really sweet, jiggery is their choice of sweetener. Jiggery is a compact form of cane sugar.

Masala Chai is really sweet because of the presence of a good portion of sweetener. The reason for this is that the amount of spices involved can be overwhelming and the sweetener balances it out.

The last important component in making masala chai is the preparation. There are several ways of preparing masala chai but the most popular of all is the decoction method. In this method, all of the ingredients are simmered then strained into a cup.



Trying Out Loose Leaf Tea K-Cups

A home and office almost always has a coffee machine. Back in the days when traditional coffee brewing is done at home or in the office, one will make a pot of coffee and everyone has no choice as to what kind of coffee they will drink. Sometimes, pots of coffee are put to waste when people don’t drink as much. Not everyone are coffee drinkers though and some prefer tea. These people are left with the option of just using tea bags and hot water, while others go through the hassle of boiling water for their loose leaf tea.

When single-serve coffee machines became all the rage, people are given more liberty to make the kind of coffee they really want – in single, waste-proof batches. It was not long after that tea drinkers are given the option to make their preferred drink using the same machine. Some people thought that it would be impossible to brew tea in seconds, just how the single-serve coffee machines do with their coffee k-cups. But there are kinds of machines that are capable of heating water very quickly and it is this kind that is perfect for brewing loose leaf tea.

Loose Leaf Tea K-Cups are very easy and convenient to use. It is similar to how you would brew coffee using coffee k-cups which means you just have to dunk the cup in the coffee maker slot, press the button, and wait for it to extract the loose leaf tea goodness. This alternative is your best bet if you’re a person who is constantly on the go but you wouldn’t want something as comforting as hot tea to be impossible. Many loose leaf tea k-cup manufacturers are able to come up with a wide variety of flavors that tea lovers will surely enjoy.

There is an extensive list of tea variants that people can choose from. Some of the most popular tea flavors are lavender, jasmine, peach, peppermint, gunpowder, rose, earl grey, darjeeling, and green tea. Some prefer tea bags and others go for loose leaf tea. It is great to know that there is another way to prepare tea at home or in the office with the introduction of loose leaf tea k-cups. It’s always a good idea to have a heartwarming cup of tea whenever you feel like having one. Loose leaf tea k-cups make this possible and easy every single time.