Chai K-Cups for Your Every Day Tea Needs

There’s nothing more comforting than knowing that a warm cup of coffee or tea within reach whenever you feel like you need one. Maybe it is its warmth but a cup of your favorite drink really goes a long way, especially if you’re the type who is constantly stuck in the everyday busy schedules of work. It somehow signifies taking a much-needed break. Not all are coffee drinkers though. Some would rather enjoy a cup of hot tea to help them get by.

There are so many kinds of tea available today. But one variant that stands out for me is the Chai tea. It is a rich black tea concocted using milk, some sweetener, and various spices. This type of tea originated from India and there are several versions of it from different parts of India, depending on the kind of spices they include in the recipe. The most common spices used are cinnamon, pepper, ginger, cardamom, and cloves. Many prefer this kind of tea because of its fragrance and creamy taste. It’s very soothing, too! Chai tea increasingly became popular over the years and the demand for it rose in many countries across the world.

That is why it is a good thing that Chai tea can easily be bought from local stores and groceries. Enjoying it in the privacy of your home is not a problem. It’s also great that when single-serve coffee machines made their way to a lot of homes and office pantries, Chai tea manufacturers followed suit and created Chai tea k-cups. These are the little cups that are sold in box packages that conveniently serve one per k-cup. Now, making a cup of Chai tea is even made easier since you only need to place one k-cup inside the machine’s cup slot and push a button. Isn’t that sweet?

The single-serve coffee machine is a great choice for offices, in particular, because people in the office do not like the same kind of coffee and tea. The coffee and tea k-cups quickly solved this problem because the machine dispenses single servings, making everyone happy with their preferred drinks. As for me, I stopped complaining about being forced to drink from a single pot of coffee that everybody needs to share. I just need to keep my Chai tea k-cups secured and ready to be brewed anytime I want. Now, that’s happiness in a cup.

-Mike (Chai enthusiast)

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