Becoming a Wholesale Coffee Roaster

The first thing that someone has to do to become a successful wholesale coffee roaster is to learn the right way to deal with customers and learn the operational aspects of the business. This requires the owner of the wholesale coffee business to get involved in the operations of the business. Quality control is something that has to be implemented in this step. Knowing what goes on during the picking of the coffee bean till it is sold to the customer is something one has to know. Dealing with customers is also as important.

Second is that you will to change attitude by planning for this business. Learning how to plan your wholesale coffee business is the main thing here. Being a wholesale coffee roaster is not an easy thing. Part of your planning should include sourcing out the best and most honest coffee farmers out there. They will give you top quality coffee beans and the rest is up to you.

The next thing that you will have to do is to construct your wholesale coffee mill and storage facility. Once you have set your plans down, you will a need base for your operations. You can do this by studying what other mills have in their facilities and implement the things that you think will benefit your business. You will to invest your money wisely on equipment and storage facilities. This is the part where you might have to draw loans from banks to give you the financial capability to spend on your coffee business. Some of the things that you will have to purchase initially are coffee pulpers, washing bins, the roaster, drying mechanisms and of course the storage devices like shelves, chillers and what not.

The next thing you will have to learn is the actual roasting process of the coffee beans. Now, obviously this will be the heart and soul of your business , so it is important that you spend a lot of attention in this aspect. It is a difficult aspect but it can be learned through practice and training. Knowing the types of roasting machines and at what temperature is coffee best roasted are integral parts of this aspect. The same goes with how to measure the moisture in green coffee. It is both an art and a science.

The last aspect is promoting your varieties of different roasted coffee beans in wholesale. Promotion always starts with the people closest to you like family and friends.